Lovers and Chi-eaters: The Hidden Truth about Sex & Relationships

We’ve all been there: that awkward, painful, frustrating, volatile place with our romantic partner where we simply cannot seem to figure out “what’s up!? What the hell is going on in this relationship!?” The arguments. The fights. The seemingly uncontrollable reactions to the seemingly most insignificant of actions. They seem to know exactly how to push our buttons—and push them they do. And we push theirs. How? Why? Why is it we get into the most intense conflicts with the ones we love the most? Often to the point where we have no choice but to ask them directly…

Christmas Message 2016

Here and Now At this time of year it is, of course, customary to celebrate the birth of Jesus and various Christmas traditions which stem in one form or another from that event. Many intellectual naysayers will tell you that most of our Christmas traditions come from various pagan rituals and have nothing to do…

The Parable of Hammerdin

Consider a mythological world where hammers once built houses by the tens of thousands and people lived in peace and harmony. During this “Golden Age,” children were born and raised to become Master Carpenters, so when they found a spouse they could work together with their hammers to build their house together…a house which served as an inner sanctuary for them from the harsh elements of physical reality outside. Today, all that people of Hammeridin know are countless shadowy versions of Hammerism which mostly fuel hammercide and homelessness. How did they arrive here, and is there a way out of the suffering they endure?

Manifesting Your Desires (What the New Age forgot to tell you) [Video]

In our latest video, Attlas reveals the Truth of The Law of Attraction, how it actually serves us, when and how manifesting is appropriate (and for Whom; on whose behalf), and the Self-defeating consequences of manifesting desires. This one is 25 minutes; which is on the lengthy side for a “YouTube Rant” video. We’re still new to this “talking head” format. Still, the actual recording session had well over AN HOUR of material. And, the topic is important and there have been THOUSANDS of hours promoting manifesting wants, so perhaps we can be forgiven 25 minutes of counter-movement.