YouMethod for Mental Health goes LIVE on Kickstarter!

YouMethod is a free-to-use website & mobile app that lets you track, manage, share & improve your mental health anonymously & securely.

If you have been an avid follower of Attlas in Formation, you know that we do not publish often or frivolously. In many ways ours is an “anti-blog” in that sense. Yes, SEO experts and Internet marketing gurus will tell us we need to post shorter articles more often for the sake of keeping interest going for the sake of our “online brand.”

Well, they may be right, but this is not all we do. Our work extends beyond merely talking about what matters most. We counsel others on how they can make a difference, and we roll up our sleeves in making a difference ourselves either directly through our own social enterprises or indirectly through those of our clients/partnerships. YouMethod is one of those partnerships.

We are excited to report that YouMethod’s Kickstarter Campaign is now live. You can get more information, check out the campaign page and get easy ways to SHARE it here:

It’s no mystery: life is hard.

What if you could see how your thoughts and feelings mess with you and make life harder than it needs to be? You’d have the ultimate methodology to mastering your mind and unlocking limitless possibilities for peace, joy and happiness in your life.

But we’d be remiss not to include another informative video for you:

YouMethod is a group of dedicated programmers and life-long students of revolutionary psychology—a practical science which can be traced back to the Temple of Luxor and Oracle of Delphi throughout the philosophy of the ages right into modern psychology and popular culture. It is a self-optimizing process which is best summed up by the Latin phrase nosce te ipsum (or temet nosce), which simply means “know thyself.” A phrase which is as deceptively simple in its meaning as it is profound in its wisdom and infinitely practical in its application. So much so, that we coined the term Ultimate Methodology to give it the gravitas it deserves and the how-to-method it needs.

More importantly, we are a team of concerned individuals who recognize that this most fundamental and essential practice to ensure mental wellness and personal peace, joy and happiness is sorely lacking from most every curriculum that we’re aware of. In the West, especially, a kind of ‘cult of the brain’ exists wherein all good things are attributed to the fleshy folds of grey matter in the skull. An unrelenting process of stuffing said brain to the brim with information is underway without any regard whatsoever for the mind’s limitations nor the consequences of such mental over-stimulation (some might say abuse). If you’ve watched an episode of Hoarders or American Pickers (or gone into your own attic/basement), you know the consequences of disorganization. Look at what the Internet has become: a chaotic mess of potentially harmful websites all wanting to get something out of you; and let us not even mention ‘the dark web’ and all the seedy activities taking place on it. As much as we may deny it or dislike hearing it, the Internet is in many ways a macrocosmic projection of our own minds, right down to how we jump from thought to though to thought like clicking so many hyperlinks at nauseum.

Humanity has not been taught the truth nor dangers of blindly following this ‘cult of the mind,’ and allowing our own mental world to fall into disarray, despite constantly facing the consequences of dysfunctional psychology. What’s worse, we have very few tools at our disposal—especially in this fast-paced world—to expedite any attempt we may make to try to sort out this chaotic mind of ours.

YouMethod is here to change that. Because from ancient mystery schools to medieval alchemists, countless philosophers to contemporary psychologists, self-knowledge has been and will always be the first and last defense against “our inner demons” which mess up our lives and the lives of those around us—our spouse, family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, communities, et al. We desperately need that place of inner peace and knowledge within (the eye of the storm) which is sheltered from the circumstances of life and our mind’s endless made-up stories about ourselves and our plight (the hurricane). Without some connection to a permanent centre of gravity within ourselves—the Ultimate Self—all of society sits atop a foundation of sand. And to make that connection, strengthen it, bond with it and apply it in a meaningful, purposeful and practical way, requires the Ultimate Methodology.

That Ultimate Methodology—to know yourself—is who and what YouMethod is all about.

You can Support YouMethod’s Kickstarter directly here. The funding goal deadline is March 1st 2018.

Support us indirectly: Share YouMethod’s Campaign Page via email, social media, etc.

Thank you for your support.


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