Attlas in Formation offers observations, meditations, teachings, innovations, and “win-win-win” solutions dedicated to suffering humanity.

Read these posts with your heart, not with your head. As they came through the consciousness, they must be absorbed with and through the consciousness. The mind alone will not be able to comprehend all that is being conveyed. The cerebral intellect will surely want to throw up roadblocks in your way; try to convince you of contrarian viewpoints or win you over with rational arguments why what is written here must be dismissed outright. If you find yourself in that situation, simply observe how the ego-mind interferes with conscious engagement. Observe the interference, then let it go. Neither dwell nor indulge. Stay open, in heart and mind, and allow your Innermost Judge decide if what is written here is worthy of your time, attention, and careful consideration. Let your intuition be your guide, just as we did writing these posts.

About the Author(s)


Attlas has been on a journey of exploration, discovery, and awakening over many lifetimes. This site chronicles at least some of the Self-remembering which has taken place over the course of this lifetime and related insights on many topics. The resulting experiential knowledge which the insignificant person of the author has transcribed in these posts will likely be incomplete, partial, and even rife with errors when placed under the scrutiny of more practised esotericists, let alone Awakened Masters. That is why this site is called “Attlas in Formation.” Our Innermost Being, here known as Attlas, is not yet Self-realized. We are as the caterpillar in the cocoon. And such, many of the frailties, defects and shortcomings associated with mere mortals will be evident in these posts. We ask for your patience and understanding, and to focus on what is right in the Light of Truth as opposed to gripe on what may be wrong.

Rest assured that we are doing our very best for the sake of this suffering humanity.


  1. Hint: if you want to be truly shine a new light on this world, may i suggest using a NON ILLUMINATY subliminal poisoned logo like the one you are using right now? See the images behind the links in this reply, to show what kind of subliminal message your logo is broadcasting 🙂
    _ http://truthproject.co.uk/sites/default/files/photos/aa-dees-nwo-logo-atop-pyramid-of-skulls-300×300.jpg
    _ http://www.patriotnetwork.info/images/logos/NWO.jpg
    _ http://endoftheworld.net/Jesus/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/new-world-order-logo.png
    _ https://mysteryoftheinquity.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/new_world_order.gif
    _ http://todayscurrentevents.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Vatican-New-Wolrd-Order-Conspiracy.jpg
    Get the picture?


    • Symbols of power which are co-opted by those using them for nefarious purposes never lose their inherent values of beauty, truth and Light. Consider the mystic origins and timeless wisdom of the swastika, featured prominently on Buddhist temples (and other mystical traditions). It is a sign of the Cosmic Christ and the two Laws of Three: masculine,feminine and neutral forces (creation) and birth,death and sacrifice (motion; renewal; redemption). How the Nazis used it as a talisman to brainwash a nation and commit the atrocities they did does not make it a symbol of evil. Only evil in the mind. So too, the All-seeing Eye, the compass and square, etc. Beware the mind. The Black Lodge is the ego. The enemy is within, and the poisoning takes place in the mind. The truth and the Light of any symbol is not in the mind, it resides in Aziluth, the World of Archetypes. Free consciousness can go there, but not the mind. The mind, however, obscures it; the mind (ego) steals, twists and corrupts it by projecting onto it an illusion which it convinces us is real. Everything you think the Illuminati is doing “out there” in the world is actually taking place inside your own mind (everyone’s mind).


    • Lots of beauty and truth to be found in your poems, from what I’ve read. RE: “Heaven on Earth,” “Natural Fulfillment,” “spring sage,” and others…with your love of nature you might be interested to see what we’re up to with a little venture called PeapodLife at http://www.peapodlife.com


  2. Hi, I read all the posts on this blog, very good, well written. I’m from Portugal.
    Can you tell your name or pseudonym or If you have published books?
    I also see that you have twitter and facebook and youtube accounts. I hope this website continues online for several years, and I will read every day


  3. Hi, I read all the posts on this blog, very good, well written. I’m from Portugal.
    Can you tell your name or pseudonym or If you have published books?
    I also see that you have twitter and facebook and youtube accounts. I hope this website continues online for several years, and I will read every day

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    • We have no pseudonym. Attlas is the name of our Innermost Being, Allux, “All Light” is the representative name of His Innermost Being, The Logos, The Cosmic Christ, also known as The Omnipresent Ray of Okidanok. Our terrestrial name, birth name, that is, the name of the insignificant person typing these our words is irrelevant, for he is but a messenger and a vehicle. Came he from the earth, and to the earth he will return, personality et al. He is but the “toon” in the “MMO” called life. We are “The Player,” and We are not an “I” in any sense that word can be understood. The Three closest approximations which do our existence any justice are “The I that is We,” “The I that is All,” and “I Am that I Am.” God willing, this blog will continue. Although we have other work we must accomplish, teachings to give in other forms. So daily content we cannot promise. However, if you are indeed an earnest seeker of The Teachings and the Gnosis they shall lead to you should you practice and apply them, then you should attend http://www.gnosticteachings.org, where you will find such a treasure trove of free lectures, transcriptions, etc. as to keep you busy studying for years, if that is the Will of your Innermost Being.


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