Lovers and Chi-eaters: The Hidden Truth about Sex & Relationships

We’ve all been there: that awkward, painful, frustrating, volatile place with our romantic partner where we simply cannot seem to figure out “what’s up!? What the hell is going on in this relationship!?” The arguments. The fights. The seemingly uncontrollable reactions to the seemingly most insignificant of actions. They seem to know exactly how to push our buttons—and push them they do. And we push theirs. How? Why? Why is it we get into the most intense conflicts with the ones we love the most? Often to the point where we have no choice but to ask them directly…

Manifesting Your Desires (What the New Age forgot to tell you) [Video]

In our latest video, Attlas reveals the Truth of The Law of Attraction, how it actually serves us, when and how manifesting is appropriate (and for Whom; on whose behalf), and the Self-defeating consequences of manifesting desires. This one is 25 minutes; which is on the lengthy side for a “YouTube Rant” video. We’re still new to this “talking head” format. Still, the actual recording session had well over AN HOUR of material. And, the topic is important and there have been THOUSANDS of hours promoting manifesting wants, so perhaps we can be forgiven 25 minutes of counter-movement.

Gladiator Unmasked I

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” What echoes in eternity also sheds light—on the orders given and battles won in Germania, the actions taken and blood spilled in the sands of the coliseum, and the lies told and scrolls written in the Senate—casting shadows on the dust of Rome. To know this in life is to give back Rome her True Self. These are the core esoteric teaching masked within the modern-day multi-Oscar-winning classic Gladiator, written by David Franzoni, revised by John Logan, directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Russell Crowe. In all humility by the Grace of knowledge bestowed on us from above, we will now unmask these secret teachings, in the hopes that they may assist all who long to serve their One True Emperor and earn the right to return home.