Gladiator Unmasked I

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” What echoes in eternity also sheds light—on the orders given and battles won in Germania, the actions taken and blood spilled in the sands of the coliseum, and the lies told and scrolls written in the Senate—casting shadows on the dust of Rome. To know this in life is to give back Rome her True Self. These are the core esoteric teaching masked within the modern-day multi-Oscar-winning classic Gladiator, written by David Franzoni, revised by John Logan, directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Russell Crowe. In all humility by the Grace of knowledge bestowed on us from above, we will now unmask these secret teachings, in the hopes that they may assist all who long to serve their One True Emperor and earn the right to return home.


“Capitalism – A Love Story” (Or, Why America should Love Michael Moore)

Whether you love him or hate him, you must admit, Michael Moore has done what few people have managed to do, and that is use an established system as a vehicle for social activism and open criticism of the very system itself. Think about it: Hollywood Boulevard is no less an artery feeding the heart of capitalism than Wall Street is. The stock markets beat the right ventricle on the east coast and the media beat the left ventricle on the west coast. Information and money flow together throughout the capitalist system like blood and plasma. So the fact that Michael Moore is able to produce mainstream activist documentaries in Hollywood and then have them widely distributed at conglomerate-owned megaplexes is as astonishing as it is ironic.

Muammar Gadaffi’s Address to the U.N. a Lesson in Poor Communication

It’s a lesson for individuals and leaders in organizations large and small: business, government, academic, and not-for-profit. Who knows how many good ideas have fallen into the void for no other reason than the delivery or presentation of the idea rubbed the recipients the wrong way? Now consider all those protestors and protest movements out there. The next time you want to have your voice heard, your concerns raised, your point of view considered, and your deeply-rooted convictions taken seriously into account by those in positions of power and authority, think of Mr. Gadaffi.