Patreon Campaign Officially Launched!

After weeks of preparations and hard work on blogs and YouTube videos, including a short 2-minute Patreon Video, we have officially launched Our Patreon Campaign.  Attlas creates videos, blogs, creative works and Social, Ethical, Environmental Ventures with one purpose: to help you SEEK more Self-Empowered Experiential Knowledge from your personal Hero’s Journey. Thinking we know is not knowing. From…

“Capitalism – A Love Story” (Or, Why America should Love Michael Moore)

Whether you love him or hate him, you must admit, Michael Moore has done what few people have managed to do, and that is use an established system as a vehicle for social activism and open criticism of the very system itself. Think about it: Hollywood Boulevard is no less an artery feeding the heart of capitalism than Wall Street is. The stock markets beat the right ventricle on the east coast and the media beat the left ventricle on the west coast. Information and money flow together throughout the capitalist system like blood and plasma. So the fact that Michael Moore is able to produce mainstream activist documentaries in Hollywood and then have them widely distributed at conglomerate-owned megaplexes is as astonishing as it is ironic.

Falling off the Billionaire Bandwagon…the Canary in the Coalmine?

What if, unlike the Pyramid of Giza which was built to last from solid materials, economics itself was built of straw bricks lacking the endurance to stand the test of time? Is what is happening at the top of the pyramid now a sign that the whole structure may be unsound? In essence, are the bodies falling off the billionaire bandwagon foreshadowing a mass bailing out of the body politic from the capitalist system as a whole?