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After weeks of preparations and hard work on blogs and YouTube videos, including a short 2-minute Patreon Video, we have officially launched Our Patreon Campaign.  Attlas creates videos, blogs, creative works and Social, Ethical, Environmental Ventures with one purpose: to help you SEEK more Self-Empowered Experiential Knowledge from your personal Hero’s Journey. Thinking we know is not knowing. From…

The Conspiracy of Conspiracies

The Conspiracy of Conspiracies

We intend to reveal the conspiracy of conspiracies: THE MOTHER OF ALL CONSPIRACIES, if you will. There is, in fact, one overarching explanation which resolves the apparent conflict and confusion arising from multiple competing versions of reality, history, economics, politics, religion, and yes, conspiracies.

A Primer on Consciousness…The Primacy of Consciousness

Before embarking on the task of raising consciousness, perhaps we should have a discussion of just what consciousness is. Part one of the following presentation by Peter Russel begins with a simple explanation of the nature of consciousness. … The remainder of the lecture (just over an hour long) manages a rare achievement. Russel arrives at a conclusion/position traditionally reserved for philosophy and religion by means of a purely secular, scientific analysis. The conclusion? The fundamental nature of reality is consciousness.

Hear yea, hear yea! Newspapers in Trouble in the Internet Age! Oh, the Irony!

My question to the newspaper industry is this: why do they not OWN the online news space? The answer is simple, if not entirely obvious: they failed to embrace the new on-line medium on its own terms, clinging instead to an ill-fated approach whereby they would more-or-less replicate on line what they were doing in print for hundreds of years, and expect readers and advertisers to pay up as always. Big mistake. We can’t be too hard on newspapers, though. They’re not the only media companies feeling the pinch these days. Today’s announcement of 800 layoffs at the CBC are proof of that. As for pure on-line companies, there are plenty of big players delivering lots of content on the worldwide web, but precious few of them who are profitable. Still, the fundamentals are there for newspapers to take command and control of the on-line news media space in the 21st century, and in doing so, reap financial rewards unimaginable by any media business to-date.

Barack Obama in Canada

What is it about change that really resonates with people in this day and age? Is it simply the fact that people are bored with the way things are (and the way they’ve been)? Or is it something more, something deeper? Could it be that within each and every one of us there is a consciousness that is asleep? Could it be that we have a consciousness trapped by a world of inequity and suffering, the world of the ego, that stirs only at the prospect of emerging from its cocoon into the light of a new world? If so, what is the process by which this transformation and rebirth takes place? Is it a physical process? Is it a process that will be conducted on our behalf by some political or spiritual leader? Is it a matter of faith in some external authority, power, god, or man? Did anyone catch the coverage of Barack Obama’s visit to Canada? Who am I kidding, how could you miss it? According to some polls, Obama’s approval rating is 80% here in Canada. Herein lies the terrible tragedy of all this excitement and exaltation of Barack Obama. Yes, Obama is a dynamic, charismatic, and stately speaker. So far he has shown great poise and level-headed leadership. Surely these are hallmarks of a man worthy of our trust and faith? But he is, at the end of the day, just a man…a human being like any other. In other words, to all those who are expecting Mr. Obama to “change things” and/or do all the work,” you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.